What is Robotic Process Automation and why you should consider it for your Business

Robotic Process Automation is productivity software that sits on top of existing systems and performs manual, repetitive and rule-based activities traditionally performed by individuals by:

  • Emulating a person by executing manual, repetitive tasks in existing applications;
  • Makes decisions based on set rules;
  • Integrates and updates seamlessly with other applications.         

The technology has numerous advantages:

  • Optimize labor costs and increase capacity;
  • Increase speed, accuracy (100%) and availability (24hours a day, 365 days a year) of your labor force;
  • Improve compliance, controls and auditability;
  • Deliver business intelligence without the need to invest in dedicated software;
  • Enhance employee morale by removing tedious repetitive tasks from their day.

Start your Automation Process by sending an email to rpa@go2cloud.co.za

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