South Africa’s Cloud

High performance cloud servers, deployed instantly.

Simple Powerful Control Panel
We provide web based, graphical control of your entire cloud (servers, VLAN, firewalls, public IP’s, billing)

Easy to Scale Up and Down
Use our graphical sliders to scale your resources instantly. With us, you only pay for what you need.

Pay as You Go
There are no fixed contracts or lock-ins. We deduct your actual usage from your balance.

Developer Control
We provide benefits such as VNC root access, an easy VLAN setup, FTP into your drives, and a robust API for scripting. You can use any operating system or software.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Go2Cloud provides a valuable platform that meets our IT requirements for all our of business needs whether it’s highly available production servers, a short-term test environment for developers or disaster recovery.


Online infrastructure that is always available, scalable and easy to use.

All this with no long term “sticky” contracts – just sign up and go!

Justin Hornsby


Go2Cloud provides all three of our major requirements for a cloud host:

Flexibility – We can very easily change and move servers and configurations around on our part of the platform.
Scalability – We can add and remove resources as we in seconds.
Availability – In the years we have hosted at Go2Cloud, we’ve had a few minutes of downtime on, at the most, two occasions. Nothing that hurt our availability.

Go2Cloud’s support is great, and we have grown our business with them.

Gerhard Pretorius

Co-founder and CTO, Wyzetalk

We looked for a solution that was instantly scalable and could be managed via a web portal. It was also important for the data center to be located in South Africa, both for compliance and low latency.

Go2Cloud met those requirements and more!

Lawrence Cawood

Co-founder and CTO, Rockstar365

What can you do with Go2Cloud Cloud Servers?


Business App Hosting

Deploy your business application into Go2Cloud, and give users high availability access to their app anywhere, anytime

Website Hosting

Simple or Complex, deploy your website on Go2Cloud and ensure you have instant scale backed by 100% up-time.

Hybrid Cloud

Create a Hybrid Cloud Architecture and securely connect your local environment with your Go2Cloud Servers. It all becomes your network.

Other Ideas

From centrally hosting and deploying application updates to managing scale for popular online services, our customers keep imagining new ways to leverage Go2Cloud.


Custom App Hosting

Focus on building your app. Deploy on Go2Cloud, Scale up or down whenever you need and let us worry about your infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Prepare for the worst. Replicate your current environment, shut it down and be confident that getting it up again is simply the flip of a switch.


Create and clone development environments in minutes for Windows and Linux systems. Streamline your developers by providing standardised images to quickly set up new environments while enabling them to develop from anywhere.

No Credit Card Required

Our Data Centre


Up-time Guarantee

Data Center Temperature


Control of Server Resources


  • Multiple Zone independent AC units.
  • Triple Redundancy on Compressors and Condensers.
  • Climate controlled and maintained between 22°C and 30°C with Relative humidity maintained from 40% to 60%.


  • Multiple Redundant Local Links.
  • International Traffic is delivered via a load-balanced configuration over WACS and EASSy with automatic failover via SAT-3 and SAFE.


  • Comprehensive perimeter and building security.
  • Pre-authorised and logged access only via a “Man Trap” to the Data center.
  • Continuous video surveillance of all zones and cabinets.

Physical Infrastructure

  • Each 47U through airflow rack is independently protected by a frequency, voltage and surge stable UPS capable of providing 30 minutes continuous load protection.
  • Dual redundant diesel backup generators provide failover support to two independent municipal power feeds.

Fire Protection

  • Proactive fire monitoring system spread across the floor void, room, and ceiling voids.
  • Double knock(2 sensors to trigger) activation prevents accidental activation minimising risk of unwanted discharge.

24x7 Support

  • Data center has 24×7 intelligent monitoring and video surveillance with integrated motion sensors.
  • Cloud nodes are individually monitored with pro-active alerts to the on-duty technicians.

5 Day Free Trial

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