You seriously really want to know more about us? We’re flattered! It seems like just the other day when we started Go2Cloud, but officially it was early 2011. South Africa had just come off one of our most memorable years ever, proving that a “developing nation” (as the rest of the world put it) could successfully host the FIFA World Cup. Despite huge improvements in our infrastructure and connectivity, South Africa is still pretty far away from the rest of the world. And that means only one thing when connecting to international cloud services: Latency! Our three founders, tired of suffering the latency challenges themselves, believed that offering a truly scalable cloud service from inside South Africa was the only way to provide a world class experience for local companies. That’s when Go2Cloud was born. We’re all about offering highly scalable, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from inside our South African datacentres. The best part, besides the online control panel, is that we love using the service ourselves. No crazy international latency, extended contracts or foreign currency billing. Go2Cloud is just a powerful, scalable IaaS solution that works.
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