Yes, you heard right!

This is how we feel about our competitors:


“We WUV you!”

It sounds totally bizarre, but it’s 100% true. Simply walk around our offices and ask anyone what they think of “Company x” or “Company y” and you will hear comments like:

“Those guys are awesome!”

“We love the way they work and hope they never change”

No doubt you are still a little confused, let me explain:

So long as our competitors are…

  1. Taking “an insane, 24 to 48 hours to set-up a cloud server
  2. Forcing customers into “resource plans (i.e. levels) and then jerking prices when an incremental resource change is made
  3. Using the “promise of cloud, to lock in long term contracts for data and other core services
  4. Smashing the customers bank balance with “unpredictable out of bundle data and storage costs
  5. Allow marketing teams to create “Technicolor yawn (think about that for a second) which baffles brains with buzz words and kills trees
  6. Forcing customers to “Log a ticket or support call to do just about anything to my server
  7. Using “buzz words to simply make a buck
  8. Making “spelling errors on their landing page
  9. Being slow in “communicating potential outages and suggesting customers bring their own UPS backup power

… we will continue to love them.

While we have seen a number of competitors landing on our site, browsing around and signing up for free trial after free trial, we still keep hearing the same old feedback from our new, excited and happy customers (who we also love very much).

So there you have it:

We really do WUV our competition very much! 

Sign up for a free trial at here and see how it’s possible to set up a server in 0.04% of the time compared to one of our closest competitors.

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