The number one request we get from IT service providers is:

“Can we partner with Go2Cloud?” 

The simple answer is … Yes. 

There are already a number of businesses in South Africa who leverage Go2Cloud’s partner/reseller model. Frankly we have been amazed at the innovative ways in which these partners are adding value on top of the Go2Cloud platform for their customers. I guess you could say that they are delivering value added services which are “Powered by Go2Cloud“. 


“Powered by Go2Cloud”

There is one caveat though. Go2Cloud, does not accept all comers. The team is selective about the partners we work with.

After all, in many cases customers approach us directly in order to request a referral to a specialist service provider, and just as with our platforms “100% uptime guarantee”, we need to feel 100% confident in the partners we work with and refer customers to.

Over the next few months, we will be focusing on sharing some of the fantastic success stories that customers and partners have already shared with us. 

These solutions cover everything from MXiT Games and instant scalability under load, all the way through to CRM, ERP, Mobility and so much more.


If you would like to find out more about partnering with Go2Cloud’s please email by clicking here.

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