Go2Cloud Virtual Machines

Any size, any spec, any operating system…

Any Operating System

We offer the latest pre-installed Windows Server, MS SQL Server, Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux and CentOS Linux. We also offer a wide-range of install CDs and you can even upload your own install ISOs or custom disk images.

Design your perfect server

Design exactly the server size and shape you want, tailored to your needs, and pay by the quarter-hour, month or year. You are not forced to choose from a fixed list of sizes, saving you money since you can buy exactly what you need and no more.

Private VLANs

A VLAN acts like a private gigabit ethernet switch, connecting your servers together via a second virtual ethernet card in each server. This network is isolated from the internet and other customers. Data transfer over a VLAN is secure and not chargeable.

Easy to use Control Panel and API

One of the easiest to use control panels on the market and a simple REST API. Both of these allow you to create and control virtual servers and upload or download drive images.

High Performance Virtualisation

Ultra-modern virtualization back-end, built on the most advanced Linux KVM virtualization, with high I/O SSD storage options available.

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