Go2Cloud Elastic Containers

high performance cloud servers for Linux that scale up and down automatically with load

Unique usage-only billing

Save money by only paying for what you use. Unlike other cloud providers, if you have a 4GB server with only 1GB of software currently running, you only pay for 1GB. We’ll only bill you for the RAM and CPU that you actually use in each 15 minute period, not the whole size of the server.

Self Managing Infrastructure

No manual admin work or complex tools are needed to scale servers. Each individual server instantly auto-scales up 64GB, or a maximum size that you set. You do not need to set up load balanced clusters or rules to add and remove extra servers, you can just turn it on and never worry about it.

Auto Scaling

Individual Elastic Containers instantly scale with load from 256MB to 64GB RAM to maintain continuous high performance. Unlike other cloud servers, containers do not have to be rebooted to resize, they fluidly scale to exactly the size necessary to deal with current load.

Cutting-Edge Linux Containerisation

Containers boot up in 2 seconds and offer bare metal performance without the overhead of virtualization. We use the latest Linux kernel containerization technologies such as namespaces and cgroups, just like LXC.

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