(For the record – no members of the GetHelp team were harmed during the creation of the post)

Despite some customers insisting that the GetHelp team are actually bots, let me assure you that after many tests and scholarly debate, they are very much human. A fact that we were sure of until yesterday’s team meeting where an announcement was made that the GetHelp team were about to be “tagged”.

What ensued was at least 7 minutes of absolute mayhem.

The team once again settled down after it was clearly explained that “Tagging” had nothing to do with:

  • A paintball gun 
  • A numbering system that invovled ear piercing and semi-permanent yellow plastic tags, or…
  • A numbering system that invovled a branding iron and antibiotic ointment application for a week or so

(Note to the Go2Cloud management team – Next time lead with that)

“Tagging” was simply the announcement that a “Get Help Tag” would be added to the control panel so that customers can circumvent having to send email to Get Help by simply clicking the “Tag” and submitting their request.


This enhancement is part of Go2Cloud’s ZenDesk roll-out designed to further improve our support process… which after yesterday’s mayhem , has thankfully brought an air of (I have to say it) inner peace to the GetHelp team.

If the GetHelp team has helped you out in the past, why not take the time to log into your account, click the “Get Help Tag” and tell them how you feel. While you are there, dont forget to review the new Control Panel (for info on this, see yesterdays post here).

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