Tired of trying to decipher cloud server pricing?

At Go2Cloud we’ve made pricing your cloud server infrastructure really simple. Here is what you need to know:

1. Visit Go2Cloud’s pricing page here.

2. Change your server configuration.

Go2Cloud Sliders3. Review your pricing by hour, day, month or year.

Go2Cloud Pricing


Here are some additional tips and tricks:

Q: How do I calculate the costs across a multi-server architecture? 

A: If you have more than one server in your proposed cloud server architecture, simply add the CPU, RAM and Disk across all servers and use that information to calculate the cost across your entire environment.

Remember: With Go2Cloud, you’re simply purchasing a group of compute resource which you can allocate across as many, or as few, servers as you like.

Q: What about renting software licensing? 

A: We provide Microsoft licensing on a SPLA (monthly rental) basis. Unfortunately Microsoft licensing may only be purchased on a monthly basis and can’t be broken down into an hourly or daily rental. However, did you know that Microsoft offers trials of most of their software? You are more than welcome to use a trial license while you’re getting set-up.

Note: If you’ve purchased Microsoft software licensing before, you are able to use these to activate the software on your Go2Cloud servers. Provided they are still current, and not in use elsewhere.

Q: How do I pay for traffic to and from my cloud servers?

A: There is a difference between internal and external traffic. Internal traffic is all communication between your servers that are connected by a VLAN (Virtual LAN) inside the Go2Cloud environment. External traffic is all communication between your servers and devices/services outside of the Go2Cloud environment. Here is more info from our pricing page:

Go2Cloud Connectivity

Q: How can I pay for my servers?

A: We’ve made paying with a credit card online really simple. If you would like to arrange for direct deposits or EFT’s (Electronic Funds Transfer), you would need to arrange this with our GetHelp team in advance.

If you have any other question, reach out to us or check our our website here for more information.

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