Yes, that is Windows Server booting on an iPad:


Windows Server via Jump Desktop on iPad 2

VNC, RDP and SSH are defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as  … 

Just kidding!

Let’s get simpler than that.

Accessing Go2Cloud, whether it is a server or perhaps the awesome new Windows 8 Consumer Preview that you spun-up yesterday after following our blog post (which can be viewed here) can be done as follows.

Deciding which access options you will use, requires that you answer two questions: 

1) What operating system is your server running (Windows or Linux based)?
2) What device are you using to access the server? 

Lets deal with the first point first (usually a good place to start):

When setting up your server for the very first time, regardless of the OS chosen, you will need to use a VNC
(Virtual Network Computing) client. This allows console level access to your server. Think of this as if you were plugging in a screen and keyboard into a brand new computer and watching it boot up for the first time. 

Since you get console level access with VNC, you will be able to follow the set-up prompts during the install and configuration process without any issue.

Once your server is booted up, and ready to use, you may then configure the server to allow an alternative access option which is dependent on the OS you chose.

For Windows servers, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and for Linux based servers SSH (Secure Shell).

At this point, you may be wondering why would you even bother using RDP or SSH when VNC looks to work just fine. 

The simple answer is that RDP and SSH allow for richer functionality and better performance when interacting with your sever. For example RDP allows: drive sharing, copy paste, printer connections, sound playback etc.

Second point second:

Depending on your device you likely have a number of VNC, RDP and SSH clients or apps to choose from.

Remember that you can use any option that you feel comfy with, but some of the Go2Cloud teams favorites are as follows:

iOS and Android devices: Check out our friends at Jump Desktop (which supports both VNC and RDP in one app)

MacOS: JollyFastVNC and Jump Desktop (currently in Beta). We have also used Remote Desktop Connection which installs by default with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

Windows: TightVNC and the Windows Remote Desktop Client built into Windows natively.

Linux: Krdc and Remmina are both recommended by our Linux users.

Once you have these clients/apps in place, all you need is your servers IP Address and Password, both of which you can see inside the Go2Cloud control panel.


IP and Password easily accessible from the control panel 

Please note that we did not differentiate between paid and free apps. In all cases there are free versions available for your choice of Server OS and device but if you find one that you really like, and will be accessing Go2Cloud often, we can highly recommend purchasing your choice of app.

I hope that you agree, accessing your Go2Cloud environment is really simple, once you know how.

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