What are Linux Containers from Go2Cloud?

Linux Containers are an operating-system-level virtualisation capability that allows for multiple instances of Linux systems to run on a single control host. The Linux kernel creates groupings of compute resources (CPU, memory, disk etc.) and therefore does not require any virtual machines to be started.

As a result of this optimisation, Linux Containers can boot in just 2 seconds!

Once running, the infrastructure becomes self managing and automatically scales up or down depending on load. While you’re able to set minimum and maximum thresholds, Go2Cloud Containers have the ability to scale from 256MB to 64 GB of RAM based on real time demand on your server. Unlike other cloud servers, no reboot is required to resize the servers capability which means that the scaling is completely fluid.

The self-managing infrastructure does not require complex administration or tools. Just turn your servers on and you’ll never have to worry about them again.

You’ll be excited to hear that the billing model is just as fluid. Working in 15 minute increments, you’ll only ever pay for the actual resources that your server required. That means, even if you’ve set your threshold to 4GB, if your server only utilises 1GB of RAM during that time period, you only pay for 1GB of actual utilisation

Backed by our 100% uptime guarantee, it’s easy to see why South African CIO’s rated Go2Cloud as the best privately owned cloud provider in South Africa

Load varies on typical servers

Lets look at memory usage for example:

  • A link to your website is shared on twitter
  • Financial reports or a month end is run
  • Most users don’t adjust their server size

    The result is that they end up overpaying for resources when the cloud server is operating below the level provisioned and

    the cloud server runs slow when the demand exceeds what has been provisioned.

    Manual cloud server size adjustment is inaccurate

    Delayed reactions result in

    Slow cloud servers – Typically additional resources are added to a server as a delayed reaction to slow cloud server performance as a result of a load spike

    Overpayment – After the load spike finishes a delayed reaction reduces the cloud server resources provisioned.

    Containers auto-scale continuously

    Not slow – Enhanced user experience as the cloud server operates with continuous high performance as it is never under-provisioned

    No Overpayment – Typically our customers experience a 50% cost saving for the average cloud server workload.

    Fully automated – No admin work or special tools are required by the server administrator.

    Go2Cloud is the first cloud provider in South Africa to offer Linux Containers

    Quick Facts

    • 2 Second boot time
    • Automatic scale based on load
    • Only pay for what you actually use
    • Self-managing infrastructure

    No complex tools or admin is required. Simply turn it on and never worry about it again.

    No Credit Card Required